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Railroad Equipment Appraisals 


If you are in need of railroad equipment values for Insurance, IRS, Banking or Donation purposes we can help! One of the most difficult parts of owning railroad equipment is trying to determine what it is worth. There can be a multitude of contributing factors that must be taken into consideration to determine the Fair Market Value. Some of those factors can include physical condition, mechanical attributes, appearance and location. 

Our appraisal services can provide you an accurate Fair Market Value on virtually any type of equipment used in the railroad industry or even railroad properties and railroad related businesses. At $350.00 per piece of equipment (fleet discounts available), our appraisal services can provide an economical solution to determine values.  

Occasionally legal disputes can occur over rail equipment, we also provide expert witness services to help resolve any legal issues that may arise. For more information please visit our OMR Consulting Page.  

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