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We are pleased to offer the following online freight car auction. 428 total freight cars and related leases are being offered for sale, subject to the terms below.  They are being offered in several predetermined lots, with the option to submit a bid to purchase the entire group of 428 rail cars and associated leases as a whole.  As indicated in greater detail in the individual auction listings on this page, certain of the lots of freight cars are being auctioned subject to lease agreements.  The lease agreements will be assigned to the successful bidder(s) for the freight cars.  Further lease information can be found in the listings below.  


Electronic bidding starts on July 18th at 8 A.M. and closes on July 20th at 5 P.M. Only electronic bids will be accepted and you must REGISTER before placing a bid (Once you register, our system will send you a verification email). You may submit a maximum bid and our system will not use your maximum bid unless another Buyer bids against you. Each time you are outbid or if you win an auction, our system will automatically notify you via email. If you are the winning bidder, you will receive an auction "Won" email and our office will contact you within 48 hours and provide you a contract which confirms the parties’ agreement to the sale under the terms outlined herein below. All payments will be made via wire transfer, per the instructions in our sales contract and once full payment is made, a bill of sale will be issued which will convey full free and clear ownership to the Buyer. After the transaction is complete, Buyer will be fully responsible for storage, switching and transportation of the equipment purchased. Please note that the majority of these cars are in service, any car inspections must be performed before the close of the auction and inspections are subject to car availability and to the requirements and charges of the owner of the tracks where the cars are located. All cars are registered in UMLER and a car roster is included on each listing.


All cars are sold "As Is, Where Is", with no representations or warranties of any kind, and pursuant to the terms set forth below.



Please Note:  The rail cars are being offered as an entirety as well as in piecemeal lots. The method, or combination of methods, which best serves the interest of the Seller, will be the manner in which the rail cars will be considered sold. This determination will be made shortly after the conclusion of the auction.


5438 Cubic Foot Box Cars AUCTION (1 Lot of 16 cars)

2194 Cu Cap Mill Gondolas LEASED-AUCTION (1 Lot of 61 cars)

89 Ft Flat Cars LEASED-AUCTION (1 Lot of 32 cars)  SOLD

4155 Cu Ft Capacity Gondolas LEASED-AUCTION (1 Lot of 3 cars) 

4000 Cu Ft Capacity Gondolas LEASED-AUCTION (1 Lot of 8 cars) 

5277 Cu Ft Capacity Box Cars LEASED-AUCTION (1 Lot of 31 cars)

 6500 Cubic Foot Wood Chip Hopper LEASED-AUCTION (1 Lot of 2 cars) SOLD

5277 Cubic Capacity Box Car LEASED- AUCTION (1 Lot of 10 cars)

5077 Cubic Capacity Box Car AUCTION (1 Lot of 40 cars)

4012 Cubic Capacity High Side Gondolas AUCTION (1 Lot of 24 cars) 

 3242 Cubic Capacity Mill Gondolas AUCTION (1 Lot of 11 cars) SOLD

 4600-4750 Cu Ft Covered Hoppers AUCTION (1 Lot of 50 cars) SOLD

100 Ton Flat Car AUCTION (1 Lot of 8 cars) SOLD

5438 Cubic Foot Box Cars AUCTION (1 Lot of 20 cars) 

3420-3850 Cu Ft Open Top Hoppers AUCTION (1 LOT of 114 cars) 





Terms and Conditions of Auction and Sale Agreement


1.  Your bid on any item is subject to and shall constitute your agreement to the following terms and conditions of the auction and sale.  Please note that you enter into a legally binding contract to purchase an item when your bid for an item is accepted as the winning bid.  Buyer’s bid constitutes an offer to purchase the items to which it applies, which offer becomes a binding agreement to purchase the items upon the seller’s award to Buyer of the winning bid.  Buyer agrees to memorialize the sale by signing and returning a written sale agreement post-auction. 

2.  The rail cars are sold, and associated leases assigned, free and clear of all liens, claims, interests and encumbrances per Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, in the cases: In re Schuylkill Rail Car, Inc., Case No.:  1:14-bk-02477-RNO, and In re D&D Rail Car, Inc., Case No.:  1:14-bk-02478-RNO.  A copy of the Sale Motion and the Proposed Sale Order filed in these cases can be viewed here  and here .  Further information about the cases can be found at the Court’s website at http://www.pamb.uscourts.gov/.

 3.  Sale is “As Is, Where is”, with no representations or warranties of any kind. After the transaction is complete, Buyer will be fully responsible for storage, switching and transportation of the equipment purchased.

4.  Payment in full on a winning bid is due on or before July 28th, 2017. 

5.  The auctioneer, Missouri Railroad Group, LLC d/b/a Ozark Mountain Railcar (“Ozark”), makes no representations with regard to the rail cars and has not investigated the sellers’ representations, if any.  Buyer releases Ozark from any and all claims that may arise relating to the auction or the sale agreement between the seller and the buyer of the rail cars.

 6.  The sale shall be governed under the laws of Pennsylvania and the jurisdiction and venue for any dispute shall be exclusive to the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, including the United State Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.  THE PARTIES AGREE TO WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL IN ANY DISPUTE.






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