CB&Q Silver Fountain SOLD



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CB&Q Silver Fountain SOLD



Built in 1940 by the Budd Co for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad as a diner, lounge/observation car. Originally built for pool service, Silver Fountain operated as a protect car on such trains as the General Pershing Zephyr, Ak-sar-ben Zephyr and Advance Flyer. This is a very unique car in that is has a center vestibule and is basically like having two cars in one. The dining end of the car has a small kitchen capable of full meal service, next to the kitchen is a 24 seat dining room. The observation end of the car has two restrooms and a spacious 22 seat lounge. Retired by CB&Q in the late 1960's the car was shopped and stored serviceable. Part of the shopping included the replacement of three wheel sets (which are like new) and they turned the fourth wheel set (can still see the lathe marks on the tread of the wheel). The car was leased to Quaker Oats who used it as a party room at their plant in St. Joseph, MO, the car withdrawn from lease and offered for sale in 1973 and sold into private ownership. Silver Fountain has never been owned by Amtrak like most cars of this vintage and has very little wear and tear on the actual car structure. Some of the mechanical details include: Full stainless steel construction, oil roller bearings, H couplers (both ends), C-frame disc brakes (the air brake system received some vandalism and the owners insurance will cover the repair/replacement of the original D-22 system), steam heat, DC electrical system, full stainless steel skirts, 500 gal stainless water tanks, 6 ice cooled refrigerators, all windows frames are included with car, back up air brake stand, good body, good trucks, "A" end truck will need some leaf spring maintenance but the car has moved several times in current condition.

Silver Fountain would perfect mate to run with a sleeper in Amtrak charter service or it would make that perfect addition to any dinner train. This is a great core car with tons of character!