MP2000 #2008

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  • Type: Miscellaneous
  • Interchanges to CN, UP, BNSF, CSX, NS, KCS
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Full Specifications

MP2000 #2008

PLEASE NOTE: This locomotive is available immediately and has been bad ordered with main & aux generator issues. The prime mover was in operating condition when the unit was taken out of service and it was rebuilt in 2006.  This units IS equipped with alignment control couplers. 

Year: 1997-1999

Horsepower:  1,975
Tractive effort @ minimum continuous speed:  65,320 lbs. @ 9.2 mph
Length over coupler pulling faces:  57 feet, 2 inches
Distance between bolster centers:  32 feet
Truck-rigid wheel base:  9 feet
Width over grab irons:  10 feet
Height above rails:  15' feet, 1 inches
Wheel diameter:  40 inches
Fuel capacity:  2,900 gallons
Engine:  3516 DITA 4-stroke, 16 cylinder turbocharged, Caterpillar
Main generator: Kato 8P6.5-3400
Traction motors:  Four D87B direct current
Standard gearing:  62:15 gear ratio

Aux Generator: KATO 6P2-0500, Type…Brush, Voltage…55 VAC rectified to 74 VDC, Power…18 KW, Excitation…current to exciter field controlled by voltage regulator

Weight:  Total loaded weight on rails average) 260,000 pounds. (1/2 variable supplies)

Engine Control Software: QES

Prime Mover rebuilt 2006

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