SWX410 Shuttlewagon SOLD

Full Specifications

SWX410 Shuttlewagon SOLD


Completely manufactured SWX410 Shuttlewagon , this machine is in excellent operating condition and ready to go to work. Great for industrial switch applications, a shop switcher or even as a source of motive power for light switching duties on any shortline. Some of the mechanical details include: 6BT Cummins engine, rebuilt transmission, NEW tires, good rail wheels. Additional details include:

The following items are new or remanufactured; Cab and hardware, new increased cab noise insulation package, new floor, two new cab doors with all new hardware, all new Solex windows and moulding, new vented engine covers w/handles and tie downs. All hydraulics rebuilt as required including all hydraulic cylinders rebuilt, new hydraulic hoses, hydraulic pump. hydraulic compressor motor, air compressor, new train-air angle cocks and train-air hoses, Couplers rebuilt as required including new I-bolts w/cushion blocks and new air release cylinders, new mirrors, new re-designed sanding tubes, reinforced railing system, new paint with OSHA, ANSI, and AAR/DOT compliant labeling-placards and reflectors,new batteries, new battery cables, alternator, starter, new rail/work lights and head lights, re-engineered system upgrades throughout the unit, new re-engineered break-a-way ladders with elevated safety-grab rails. Re-cored radiator, all new coolant hoses, new heater/defroster core-fan assembly, and much more. All systems operating within manufacturer’s specifications.

  • New ring, pinion, and bearings in both differentials
  • All new universal joints
  • New driveshafts and yoke assemblies
  • Rebuilt Cummins 6BT diesel engine
  • New wheel seals as required
  • New tires
  • Cab New side and rear doors with all new hardware including hinges and latches, and handles
  • New 6,000 psi door check straps with new footman loops
  • NEW cab floor coated with rubberized rust inhibiting sealant
  • Lower 31" exterior of cab was reinforced with new 12 gauge steel
  • New cab front panel to accommodate new windows
  • All new Solex (green tint) cab windows with all new gaskets and seals
  • New custom made driver door sliding window
  • New 30,000 BTU heater core with dual fan assembly
  • New windshield washer and reservoir assembly
  • New 1" thick perforated vinyl insulation
  • New cab interior paint
  • New steering wheel
  • Reengineered New powder coated ladder assemblies with Griptread and reengineered break-away lower rung
  • Ladders reengineered with 18" handle risers to improve operator's safety
  • Reengineered sanding tubes system with new style powder coated sanding tubes
  • Two new engine side panels with grates made of thicker steel for longer life
  • Electrical Two beacons versus one (front & rear) for increased visibility and safety
  • New work lights
  • Rebuilt alternator
  • New battery
  • New battery cables
  • Two new dome lights (front and rear)
  • Two new defroster-circulation fans
  • Hydraulic Remanufactured hydraulic pump
  • All hydraulic cylinders rebuilt
  • Numerous hydraulic hoses replaced
  • Complete hydraulic system flush, new filters, and new hydraulic fluid
  • Pneumatic Remanufactured high-output hydraulically driven air compressor
  • New hydraulically driven air compressor motor
  • New pressure "pop off" valves
  • Couplers Rebuilt coupler receiver boxes
  • New draft marshmallow/cushion blocks
  • New forged coupler eye-bolts, castle nut, and shims
  • New weld-in coupler frame bushings
  • New 1.5" thick coupler crossbars
  • New powder coated coupler mirrors frames with new 1/4" versus 1/8" mirror assemblies
  • Entire unit sandblasted and painted with two-part epoxy paint system
  • All new exterior placards, labels, reflectors, and warning signs
  • Exterior deck painted with anti-slip material with black overlay Central lube system
  • Cab roof painted white to deflect heat Block heater
  • New west coast side mirrors with yellow chevrons New train-air hoses and glad-hands
  • Fuel tank flushed and acid dipped to remove any impurities New radiator hoses
  • Rebuilt central lubrication system New radiator cap
  • Rebuilt sander valves as necessary Re-cored radiator
  • Drivers side cab ladder rebuilt and powder coated New master cylinder and brake booster

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