Walk Over Seats (1 lot of 2) 1880/1910 RARE



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  • Type: Interior Hardware
  • Year: 1890
  • Manufacture: Hale/Kilborn
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Walk Over Seats (1 lot of 2) 1880/1910 RARE

These seats as being sold as 1 lot of 2

Manufactured by the Hale & Kilburn Company of Philadelphia which was a furniture manufacturing company founded by Warren Hale and Cheney Kilburn. The Hale & Kilburn company's primary business was the production of railroad car seats for the greatly expanding American railroad companies. The Hale & Kilburn company was reorganized in 1920 as the American Motor Body Company, a corporation founded by the American Can Company to merge Hale & Kilburn and the Wadsworth Manufacturing Company (Detroit, Michigan) In 1923, Charles M. Schwab purchased the American Motor Body Company. On September 4, 1925, Walter Chrysler announced the Chrysler Corporation's purchase of the Detroit plant of the American Motor Body Corporation. In 1926, the American Motor Body Corporation and its Safeway Six-Wheel subsidiary were sold to the American Car and Foundry Company.

These two walkover seats are in good used condition and complete with wood end cap/arm rest, the original red plush upholstery is still visible under the current leather seat covers, frames are complete and need lubricated and cleaned up. Due to the condition and style of the seats we estimate them to be made between 1880 and 1910.

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