1988 Chevy 350 Hy Rail Truck SOLD

North Carolina

Full Specifications

1988 Chevy 350 Hy Rail Truck SOLD

1990 Chevy 350 Hy Rail truck, V/8, radio, heater, Fairmont hy rail gear, new 19" tires, flat bed w/tool boxes, automatic transmission, good body & bed, ex NS truck, approx dimensions 20'L x 9.5'H x 7.5' W. Gross weight Front 3,800 lbs and Rear 5,580lbs

READY TO GO TO WORK. Truck is available for inspection, sorry we do not have additional photos at this time.

UPDATED INFO: This truck has approx 182,000 miles and comes with 4- 29" tire rims for Hy Rail service. 

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