Missouri Pacific Caboose #13843 SOLD


Full Specifications

Missouri Pacific Caboose #13843 SOLD



Built circa 1969-70 for the Missouri Pacific Railroad as a caboose, all steel body & roof, in excellent condition with the exception of some slight damage to one side where it got pinched by another car (easily reparable), new paint job 2-3 years ago, additional details include:

* Recording numbers - MP 13843

* Light Weight - 51,900 lbs.

* All steel Body

* All original (rust free) Steel floor with original wood overlay inside body (all in great shape)

* 33 in. wheels w/ good profile

* 5 1/2 in. x 10 Timken roller bearings

* Barber Bettendorf side frames and bolsters  (dated 2/1980)

* Good side bearing clearance

* Has rail axle "lifting chains" welded into place

* Wabco ABDW Brake valves (see pics)

* Tight air system

* Good E60C Couplers

* Hand brakes on both ends

* Air brake emergency valves located throughout unit inside and out

* 2 spare knuckle holders w/ one in place

* New FRA 224

* Paint in 2014

* Some new letting and decals

* Exterior lighting

* Approx. 8-9ft. porch platforms on each end

* Has nice on board heater or generator fuel tank

* On board heater /stove

* Fully equipped rest room

* Sink

* Storage closet

* Built in double lead ice chest / box

* 2 fixed setting chairs

* 2-fixed writing tables

* Has all over head bars / rods in place, all good 

* All original plumbing and wiring throughout unit , all seems to be in tact and good condition


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