SEFAC Mobile Rail Jacks SOLD


Full Specifications

SEFAC Mobile Rail Jacks SOLD

These jacks are in excellent working condition and have recently been certified. They are being sold as one set of four.

Quantity: 4 

Model: M180 BF 2150 

Serial Numbers: 90655, 90656, 90657, 90658 

Build Date: 7/26/1993 

Rated Capacity:  

19.85 tons (specification sheet) 

18 metric tons (nameplate) 

Height of lifting nose to rail:  

In lower position: 15.75 in. 

In Upper position: 84.5 in. 

Vertical stroke of lifting nose: 69 in.  

Lifting speed: 12 in./min. 

Length of lifting nose: 15 in. 

Total height: 104 in.  


  Voltage:  480 VAC 

  Amperage: 8 A 

  Frequency: 60 Hz 

  Phases: 3  


Four (4) synchronized mobile rail lifts.  Lifts have been recently inspected by a SEFAC technician.  Refer 

to the attached inspection report.  The SEFAC technician reported that the lifts are “in fine condition”.  

Lifts can operate in one of two configurations. 


  Configuration 1: All four lifts controlled by one control station. 

  Configuration 2: Lifts operate as 2 independent pairs

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