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Selling railroad equipment can be a tiresome task! Ozark Mountain Railcar specializes in taking the hassle out of selling your rolling stock. For 20 years we have worked diligently to provide our Sellers and Buyers with a host of services that make the selling and buying process a smooth and effortless experience.

When selling with Ozark Mountain Railcar we will help you determine the market value of the items you would like to sell. We pre-qualify our Buyers to help eliminate the tire kickers and we also provide all the sales documents which are customized to your transaction. In addition we also offer free use of our Escrow Service to fund all transactions, ensuring that you get paid right away. As the Seller you are always in full control of each transaction, you have the right to accept, counter or reject any offer that our Buyer may present. What does it cost to sell with Ozark Mountain Railcar? You will be surprised how cost effective our services really are, contact our office and we will be more than happy to discuss listing options you. Our CEO guarantees that you will not find a more cost effective solution to selling your equipment.

Offering a simple and cost effective solution to selling equipment is only one part of what we do. We also strive to ensure that our Buyers are offered services to help facilitate their purchase. Through our affiliate companies we can help a Buyer get their purchase inspected, insured, repaired and transported. We are the only Brokerage Firm that offers these services and not only do they benefit the Buyer but they ultimately benefit the Seller the most, since it makes it easier for a Buyer to purchase the Sellers equipment.

For more information or if you would like to sell an item please contact our office at 417-336-2401.

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