Porter 50 Ton Center Cab Locomotive #29

New York
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  • Listing ID: 11301907
  • Type: Locomotives
  • Year: 1942
  • Manufacture: Porter
  • Weight (tons): 50
  • Will have to be trucked from location
  • Location: New York
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Porter 50 Ton Center Cab Locomotive #29

-- Located in New York. Asking price: . --

Built in 1942 for the U.S. Navy by the H. K. Porter company as an industrial 50 Ton switcher and used in the Portsmouth NH Naval Shipyard. Sold into private ownership in 1985 and has operated in tourist excursion service. Some of the mechanical details include: S/N 7346, good body, in operational condition except for some gear issues on one truck (This locomotive has a double-reduction gearing system in the trucks. The traction motors are mounted at 90 degrees to the axles, and have bevel pinions on the armature shafts. These bevel pinions drive a larger bevel ring gear in a gear case. One one truck, the locking nut on the traction motor armature shaft came loose, and the bevel pinion jammed in the ring gear, locking up the truck. The bevel pinion jammed against the ring gear and bent it. The shaft the ring gear is on has a pinion which drives a bull gear on the driving axle. Note: these are not hypoid gears as used in truck and heavy equipment drivelines. These are plain bevel gears made by H.K. Porter for this series of locomotive. Driving axles are rod-connected to the remaining axle on each truck.), re-powered by the USN with updated Cummins NTA 6 cylinder diesel engines engines in the 1970's, Westinghouse main generators, Westinghouse traction motors.

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