Wingate Brook



  • Listing ID: 10851324
  • Type: Observation Cars
  • Year: 1949
  • Manufacture: Budd Co.
  • Bearing Type: Grease
  • Coupler Type: H
  • Self Contained: No
  • Length (feet): 85.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Height (feet): 13.50
  • Weight (tons): 60
  • Shipping (minimum):8000.00
  • Interchanging Railroad is Union Pacific
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Wingate Brook

NOTE: This car is sold as a result of a Bankruptcy!  The car will be sold free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and the seller is the Bankruptcy court not a private owner! Any accepted offer will take approximately 45 days for court approval. 
 Built in 1949 by the Budd Company as a 5 double bedroom/buffet/observation lounge car for the New York Central Railroad. Wingate Brook has a unique place in history, the car was used as the back up observation car on the famed 20th Century Limited and operated on the very last run in 1967. Retired by the railroad and sold into private ownership, Wingate Brook was to be used as part of an ill fated commercial development in Texas. Amtrak purchased the car in 1975 and rebuilt it at their Beach Grove Shop. Amtrak operated it until 1978 when it was placed in storage in LA and was vandalized. Amtrak sold the car to a private owner in 1981 and plans were made to rebuild as a private car for use on Amtrak. Over the years the car has had several private owners, all intended to restore the car to operation, but only the last owner made any serious progress. Much work has been completed on Wingate Brook and there is much work to go, but the car is very complete and would make a stunning private car.
Some of Wingate Brook's mechanical details include:  excellent body and roof, NYC- ISH T6XR trucks with 6x11 bearings on T frame disc brakes, pedestals narrowed from 15" to 13 1/4", APEE bearings, air decelostats, new discs, Amtrak 40 yr truck inspection (we have a signed PC2 inspection on file), constant contact side bearings, new water tanks w/ freeze protection, new evaporator, 480/240/110 transformers mounted under car, full HEP, 27 pin, MU, 240v stand by, needs side sill repairs over bolsters, needs B end crash post repairs, needs center sill repairs, 60 gal hot water tank w/ circulating pump, new general restroom with custom built shower, new electrical locker, new floor heat, "A" clearance, 20 KW over head heat, emergency windows, emergency lights, new copper plumbing, air lines to all bathrooms for Microphor toilets, enlarged kitchen (wall between kit and lounge moved out 2'), new upright refrigerator,  Adlake window frames custom made in 1986, clean under car, rubber diaphragm, marker lights, many of the parts are stored in the car but we do not have an inventory, new range hood in kitchen, raised observation lounge. The car can sleep 10 passengers and when completed could have the daytime capacity of approx. 20+ passengers.

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