Santa Fe Railroad Depot



  • Listing ID: 11161935
  • Type: Railroad Real Estate
  • Year: 1903
  • Manufacture: Santa Fe Railroad
  • Will have to be removed from Sellers property
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Santa Fe Railroad Depot

Built in 1903 by the Santa Fe Railroad as the freight/passenger depot in Capron, OK.  The town of Capron is located in north central Oklahoma and was a minor stop on the Santa Fe's Chicago-LA main line. In 1939 a tornado damaged the freight section of the building and during rebuilding it was shortened to the current size. In 1983 the depot was sold to private owners, removed from the original location to the owners property. The owners completed a full restoration on the building and added a new tin roof, insulation, double pane windows, ceiling fans, wall heaters, new utilities, kitchen, restroom with shower and a sleeping loft (in baggage room),all while retaining the original flavor of the building. The original ticket office, agents desk and ticket window remain along with the waiting room. This is a very original and intact building and even includes the original signatures from former agents on the wall in the baggage room. Building dimensions are:
- Floor to roof peak: 18.72'
-Building Width: 24.5'
- Building Length: 30'
-Sleeping Loft: 11' x  9' 5"
-Kitchen : 9'5" x 6'
-Bathroom: 9'5" x 4'
-Baggage Room: 9'5" x 12'
-Agent Office: 11'5" x 17'5"
-Waiting Room: 11"5" x 17'5"
- Building has a 4' roof overhang all around

Note: There is a large collection of railroad memorabilia inside the depot. This collection is not included in the sales price but can be purchased at an additional $17,000

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