Swedish Railway Coach #3548 SOLD

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Swedish Railway Coach #3548 SOLD

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This car is part of a excursion train package, for more details please follow this link:



Built as a coach for the Swedish National Rail System circa 1950. This car was imported to the United States in the 1980's for operation on a tourist railroad. Please note that this car can operate in the US as long as you have a Federal Railroad Administration waiver (easily obtainable as long as the car meets FRA safety standards). This car is not compatible with North American couplers but can be converted or operated together with other Swedish Equipment (see the rest of the cars available in this auction).  This car is in great condition and as compared to standard North American equipment is pretty basic and easy to maintain. Some of the mechanical details include: Great body and roof, roller bearings, cast brake shoes, KNORR brake valves, large open windows, roof mount RV type air conditioning, forced air propane heat, European style link couplers, rubber diaphragms, holding tanks, 120v trainline, seats approx 68 passengers, restrooms, electric baseboard heat, last operated in 2008.

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