EMD SD-50 Locomotives



  • Listing ID: 16611045
  • Type: EMD
  • Manufacture: EMD
  • Length (feet): 75.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

EMD SD-50 Locomotives

EMD SD50 Diesel Locomotives, 4 units in service, 1 used for parts ($70,000, needs prime mover and radiators), former C&NW #7015, #7029, #7023,#7005, Prime mover: 645F3B, Traction motors: D87  Ratio: 62:15, Alternator: AR 11, Aux Gen: 18KW AC, all have serviceable wheels (reports coming soon). All running units ready for service. 

All are 62:15 gear ratio with the exception of the 9861.  The 9861 is 70:17. All units are equipped with SD50  modules and utilize a radar speed signal to control the wheel slip system, which they call wheel creep.  It is an upgrade from a WS10 card, offers more tractive effort because it will allow the wheels to slip up to 5 mph greater than track speed which improves adhesion to the rail. Seller has trouble shooing guide for the modules and have almost 3 full sets of spare modules.

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