Lightweight Open Window Coaches

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  • Listing ID: 17891914
  • Quantity: 16
  • Type: Coach Cars
  • Year: 1953
  • Manufacture: Canadian Car & Foundry
  • Bearing Type: Rotating End Cap
  • Coupler Type: E
  • Self Contained: No
  • Length (feet): 85.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Weight (tons): 50
  • Interchanges to: UP, BNSF
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Lightweight Open Window Coaches

Built in 1953 by Candian Car & Foundry for  commuter service  out of Montreal, Quebec Canada.  Origianlly built as steam heated D/C cars, they were fully rebuilt in 1990 and had Head End Power, updated lighting, electric heat and MU/commnunication lines installed. The cars were sold into private ownership and out of the 16 cars 8 have seen occasional excursion use. All cars are of steel construction with car bodies ranging from fair to good. Several years ago copper theives stole all the Head End Power cables under and between the cars, but the electrical system from the under car junction box to the in car electrical locker are intact.  The cars do have open windows but they are lexan and most have fogged over but the open winfow frames cab be reused, they just need new glazing.  Some of the mechanical details include: E couplers, Head End Power (cables have been cut) MU/Communication lines, built by Candaidan Car & Foundry,  rebuilt in 1990, tare weight 104,700, electric floor heat, open windows (need new glazing) average seating capacity 109, length over coupler faces 83'10", widith over side sheets 9' 11", no airconditioning, 26-C air brake valves, suspension 4 coil springs and two elliptical, wheels 36" curved plate MW-2W,  5x10 rotating end cap bearings, Miner A-5XB draft gear, rubber diaphrams, 480v Head End Power (under car cables have been cut), public adress system, 120v flouresent lighting , ISSH trucks, tread brake shoes, interiors need a good cleaning, all cars have vestibules at both ends, body mounted brake cylinders, main resivoir lines, fair to good wheels.

Seller can do a COT&S for approx. $3,000.00 per car.  Price quoted is for air brake work only and does not include any potenially additional repairs a car would need to make interchage with the connecting carrier.

 Seller can deliver to: UP, BNSF, KCS, CN, CSX. Tarriffs to deliver to interchange range from $1,413.00 to $2,475.00 per car.

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