Business Car "Adolphus" (Amtrak #10,000)

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  • Listing ID: 19271609
  • Type: Observation Cars
  • Year: 1954
  • Manufacture: Wabash Railroad
  • Coupler Type: H
  • Self Contained: No
  • Length (feet): 85.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Height (feet): 11.50
  • Weight (tons): 10
  • Shipping (minimum):10,000
  • Will have to be loaded on flat car or trucked
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Business Car "Adolphus" (Amtrak #10,000)

 Built in 1954 by the Wabash Railroad in their Decatur, IL shops for A. Busch and family from a
heavyweight dining car sill. Equipped with observation lounge,  1 stateroom with private facilities, 2 bedrooms with shared facilities, secretaries
room, dining room, crew quarters and kitchen, the car sleeps 8. Busch's sold the car in the early 1960's and the subsequent owners
included the Pennsylvania RR (car 1000), Penn Central car 1000, traded to the Southern Railway and re-sold to the
Wylie family of Texas, and then to Bill Kratville's Autoliner Corp. Car was leased by Autoliner to Amtrak as car
10000, and used by President Gerald Ford for whistle stop events. Amtrak added HEP to the car, and a full
electrical locker at the A end near the kitchen. Later stored by Amtrak once Graham Claytor commissioned the
Amfeet office car Beech Grove, car 10000 was shorn of it's Budd fluting before rebuild work was started . The car was found in the current disassembled state when
Mr. Kratville passed away, and the project stalled. The car has been inspected and found to be of sound condition for future rebuild work by a railcar knowledgeable shop. The car would be a great restoration project, running or otherwise, and offers a unique look into mid-century modern industrial
design. The seller has photos of some of the original drawings for the car from the Busch archives that will be
shared upon purchase.  The car was stripped down mechanically for a 40 year rebuild. Amtrak installed HEP and Safety
Stone Air Conditioning unit under car, as well as 480v electrical locker.

NOTE: The car is not currently on an appropriate set of trucks.  The seller has a set of 3 axle trucks and a set of 2 axle trucks that can go with car. Buyer only pays loading and shipping for trucks

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