Chicago Rock Island & Pacific #1094 Combine



  • Listing ID: 19371157
  • Type: Coach Cars
  • Year: 1906
  • Manufacture: American Car & Foundry
  • Bearing Type: Friction
  • Self Contained: No
  • Shipping (minimum):10,000+
  • Will have to be trucked or loaded on flat car.
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific #1094 Combine

#1094 was built by American Car & Foundry in January 1906 as one of 22 cars built in three lots (numbered 1078-1099) as combination baggage-smoker passenger cars. The car was originally fitted with Pintsch gas lighting and coal-fired Baker heater for heat. During the summer of 1927, #1094 received a major upgrade when a steel underframe and steel sheathing were applied at Rock Island’s Horton, Kansas car shop. About 1936, the car received further modifications so that it could be used as a caboose in mixed train service. These included a new oil-fired stove and conversion of electric lights to oil (since no supply of electricity was available in mixed service). This made the car self-contained. In 1951, #1094 received one final shopping by the Rock Island. On November 12, work was completed at the Fairbury, Nebraska freight car repair track to convert #1094 to wrecker diner car #95065. A wrecker diner/sleeping car usually traveled with a wrecker crane to provide sleeping and eating facilities for the traveling crews that worked with the wrecker. #95065’s exterior was painted in freight car red, and the interior passenger compartment was remodeled (the baggage room became the dining room, and the passenger compartment which formerly seated 38 patrons became the job conductor’s office and train crew sleeping area. By 1968, #95065 was put up for disposal by the Rock Island and  sold into private ownership. Some of the mechanical details include: Friction bearings, steel side sheets over wood body, bolted pedestal, fair wheels, body mounted cylinders.


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