Wahkeena Falls FOR SALE/LEASE



  • Listing ID: 19761617
  • Type: Coach Cars
  • Year: 1950
  • Manufacture: Pullman
  • Bearing Type: Rotating End Cap & Grease
  • Coupler Type: H
  • Length (feet): 80.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Height (feet): 13.50
  • Weight (tons): 60
  • Interchanges to Union Pacific
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Wahkeena Falls FOR SALE/LEASE

This car is sold free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and is currently owned by a private lender. 

Contact us for lease rates, please provide location, length of lease, how many days a month item will be used, total mileage per month.

Built circa 1950 by Pullman as a commuter coach for the Long Island Railroad, retired by the LIRR and sold into private ownership. Some of the details include: Good body & roof, head end power, H couplers, roller bearings, ISSH trucks, comp shoes, tread brakes, air conditioning, heat, serviceable wheels, seats approx. 100 passengers, COT&S expired 7/22/14

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