Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad 2-8-0 #20



  • Listing ID: 19891442
  • Type: Steam
  • Year: 1910
  • Manufacture: ALCO
  • Shipped by flat car or truck, interchanges to UP
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad 2-8-0 #20

This locomotive is sold free and clear of any liens or encumbrances and is currently owned by a private lender. 

Built for the Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad  in 1910 as a 2-8-0 steam locomotive. Since the locomotives retirement from active service it has changed hands several times.  The last owner had planned on returning the locomotive to service but the project never started

Updated information 9/30/2019 12:35

  • Locomotive last operated in the 1960's
  • Has new tender tank
  • New  pair of air pumps
  • New super heater flues
  • Most of the air brake equipment is included
  • Comes with Misc. lot of cab hardware
  • Misc. spare parts that include: pistons, valves, grates, sand dome
  • Locomotive has missing springs, spring seats have wooden blocks 
  • Rods for #2 - #3 drivers have cracks
  • Smoke box front goes with locomotive but there is no smoke box door (can easily be made)


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