PRR Sleeper/Observation “Louis Sockalexis” REDUCED



  • Listing ID: 2061323
  • Type: Amtrak Certified
  • Year: 1949
  • Manufacture: Pullman
  • Bearing Type: APEE
  • Coupler Type: H
  • Operational: Yes
  • Self Contained: Yes
  • Length (feet): 85.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Height (feet): 13.00
  • Weight (tons): 65
  • Shipping (minimum):$5,000
  • Amtrak/BNSF/UP
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

PRR Sleeper/Observation “Louis Sockalexis” REDUCED

This car is in full operating condition and is currently Amtrak certified.

Built in 1949 by the Pullman Company for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a 1 double bedroom, 1 compartment, 2 drawing room, buffet, lounge observation car and originally named the Frank Thomson. Retired by the PRR in 1967 and sold into private ownership. Purchased by current owner in 1980 who did a complete structural rebuild during 1985-87. During 1995 all mechanical, electrical, plumbing & HVAC systems were rebuilt to modern standards. During 1999-2000 the trucks on the car received a full Amtrak 40 year rebuild and the interior was refinished in a combination art deco/south west motif. 

Structural upgrade  included complete removal of any questionable areas of rust/corrosion and included complete rebuild of entire back half of car and vestibule.

Car was then primed with Dupont Epoxy material and placed in storage for the period 1987 –1995.

Thereafter the car had all new systems installed to include complete rewiring , all of the original having been taken out in the structural rebuild. This includes 480V transformers for HEP utilization as well as 220V and  110V transformers. The car has standby capability for both 480V and 220V service. Self contained capability is provided by a Stadco 48kW generator supplied by a 250 gallon fuel tank. Of course it is fully HEP compatible

Plumbing includes in-floor raceways outfitted with flexible nylon reinforced tubing for service lines. All plumbing junctions are either brass or Delrin. Water storage is 300 gallons in twin under car stainless steel tanks. The system utilizes a Jabsco demand type pump avoiding the need for train line air to raise the water.

There are 4 Microphor commodes on board with a self contained ½ hp air compressor to supply them. Three are dumped directly to the 250 gallon “black-water” tank while the fourth, that being the public lavatory on the B end,  is connected to its own 50 gal. holding tank. Under car piping and supply tanks are protected by thermostatically triggered warming wraps.

HVAC is provided by a Moran Systems 10.5 ton AC system to include all new compressor, condenser and ceiling mount evaporator as well as complete re-plumbing of the system. Heat is dual;

a)radiant heat via 277V heat strips in all areas

b)15kW of overhead heat distributed via forced air.

All window and door glass is new.

The trucks are Santa Fe type outside swing hanger. They were completely rebuilt with all new pins, bushings and springs in 2000 to comply with Amtrak`s 40 year rule. Wheels are thick with many miles remaining. Brakes are C-frame disks powered by brand new ABDW valves with  6 year interval between rebuilds. Next rebuild date is 2016.

The car is painted with Imron 333 in authentic PRR Tuscan and Buff  and lettered for PRR and Louis Sockalexis. As a car that has spent its entire life since rebuild in the desert southwest it has absolutely no rust whatsoever and is 100% watertight.

The interior, with very few modifications, maintains the same floor plan as built. Changes include the conversion of the porter section in the B end to storage and utilities (30 gallon hot water tank).  installation of a stainless steel shower in the former lavatory section of the double bedroom and enlarging the galley by removing the traffic flow anteway to the lounge. These modifications are penciled in on the floor plan diagram included with this packet. The car sleeps eight in 4 private rooms

The interior of the Louis has been done in an art-deco style with a nod toward the southwestern Native Americans who populate the land around where the car currently resides. There are several original Hopi Tribe Kachina paintings on-board which are included with the car as well as lounge furniture from the 1948 Super Chief which has been redone in Ecuadoran horsehide. The drawing rooms have had their third bed removed to allow for installation of dressing cabinets. All the woodwork on-board including cabinets, sills, and new bunks was done by Keith Mion, a master carpenter and boat builder from Maine.

The all stainless  galley includes sinks, microwave and convection ovens. range top, and trash compactor as well as the original refrigerator which was outfitted with a new refrigeration unit. Additionally there is a stand up freezer in the utility room. A separate hot water tank serves the galley.

Wherever possible original fixtures were put in place. Where none were available railroad “period” pieces were substituted.

Prior to painting and/or accent wall application the entire interior was blasted with walnut shells or black sand then finished in multiple coats of primer, followed by the chosen finish treatment.



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