Heavyweight Coach "Phanton"

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  • Listing ID: 21221142
  • Type: Coach Cars
  • Year: 1920
  • Manufacture: Pullman
  • Bearing Type: Friction
  • Coupler Type: E
  • Operational: Yes
  • Self Contained: No
  • Length (feet): 85.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Height (feet): 14.00
  • Weight (tons): 80
  • Shipping (minimum):5,000+
  • This car will have to be trucked or loaded on a flat car
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Heavyweight Coach "Phanton"

Built by the Pullman Company as a 12 section, 1 Drawing Room sleeper. Built  Sept-Oct of 1920, Floor Plan 2410F, Build Lot 4590. Originally named "Phanton", the sleeper was owned and operated by Pullman Updated in 1929 for the original "Empire Builder". Converted in 1940's as a Troop Bunk Car and sold to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in 1949 due to Pullman's anti-trust breakup. Repainted the 1947 Streamliner "Empire Builder" colors and was used into the 1960's as a spare car until it was painted boxcar red and was converted into a Maintenance of Way (MoW) car #251150. Retired in 1960's by the BN (who CB&Q had merged into) at Pueblo, Colorado and sold into private ownership and moved to Washington State. BN has records of CQB Work Equipment Series 250000-251999 in 1976 and 1981, but no specific numbers. Sold to the Lyon's Club in the 1980's where they gutted it, installed theater chairs from an old Fox Theater located outside of Spokane, WA and then used it for excursion rides. Sold to a Rotary Club for same purposes. Purchased February 2021 by current owner Noteworthy: This rail car was used in the opening sequence of the 1983 movie, "Benny and Joon", where Johnny Depp arrives into town via train.

. Some of the mechanical details include: Good body and roof, seats 62, wired for 110v, friction bearings, RV toilet, good wheels, ISSH bolted pedestal trucks

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