Santa Fe Business Car #30 SOLD

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Santa Fe Business Car #30 SOLD

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Built by the Pullman Company in 1918 as a business car for the Santa Fe Railway. Converted by Santa Fe's Topeka shops as a film car in 1969 and used to film the right of way to use for diesel locomotive simulators. In the 1970's the railroad converted the car once again into a film/class room car and it was finally sold into private ownership in 1988. The main physical changes to the car were made to the platform and roofline and the removal of the master bed room to make a larger dining room/class room. As you walk in from the observation platform you enter an observation lounge, then down the hall to the left you pass by two compartments and a general toilet/shower. With the master room removed there is now a large dining/conference area. Past the dining room is the crew room and kitchen. Some of the mechanical details include: Good roof and body, coupler is missing from observation end, UC brake valves, E coupler on kitchen end, cast trucks with truck mounted cylinders, decelostats, cast shoes, original interior wood work and fixtures, grease bearings.



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