Transit Maintenance Train



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  • Manufacture: RELCO
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Full Specifications

Transit Maintenance Train

Please note: This trainset is currently in service finishing contracted work. It will be released from service approx. September 2022 and will need to be removed from current location early 2023.

Built by RELCO Locomotive between September 2018 and February 2019 to perform a retrofit project on a underground transit system. The function includes but is not limited to concrete demolition, new railroad tie installation, steel plate installation, welding of steel plates, core drilling and bolt installation, grout placement, and new concrete replacement. The trainset includes 3 locomotives, 10 crane/flatcars, 2 platform cars and 2 cement mixer cars (cement mixing equipment not included in the sale). The train can be modified to a variety of different uses. Each car is modular, the function of the car can be changed by the removal/addition of the equipment on the car. The locomotives are equipped with modular diesel generator that provides 480 volt 3 phase power to the individual cars in addition to a modern prime mover for propulsion. The cars can also be plugged into standby power which enables the hydraulic drive on each car to reposition without the use of the locomotives. The equipment is currently gauged for use on 66" gauge, but utilizes standard gauge trucks. The entire consist can be converted to standard gauge (or any other gauge), by replacing the wheel sets and truck bolsters. This train is in excellent condition and can be inspected. Please use the following links to view each car/locomotive and passenger pods. 



This train is sold as a complete unit, please use the following links to view the individual locomotives and cars.

Locomotive #5006

Locomotive #5007

Locomotive #5008

Flat/Crane Car #5070

Flat/Crane Car #5071

Flat/Crane Car #5072

Flat/Crane Car #5073

Flat/Crane Car #5074

Flat/Crane Car #5075

Flat/Platform Car #5076

Flat/Crane Car #5077

Flat/Crane Car #5078

Flat/Platform Car #5079

Flat/Crane Car #5080

Flat/Cement Mixer Car #5081

Flat/Cement Mixer Car #5082

Crew Pods




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