Business Car "Silver Star



  • Listing ID: 3791323
  • Type: Amtrak Certified
  • Year: 1950
  • Manufacture: Budd Co.
  • Bearing Type: APEE
  • Coupler Type: H
  • Operational: Yes
  • Self Contained: Yes
  • Length (feet): 85.00
  • Width (feet): 10.00
  • Height (feet): 13.00
  • Weight (tons): 65
  • Shipping (minimum):0.00
  • BNSF/Amtrak
  • Location: Arizona
  • Price:
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Full Specifications

Business Car "Silver Star

-- Located in Arizona. Asking price: . --



  Eighty five feet of silver plated luxury! 

 Silver Star may have been built in 1950 but you can't tell by looking at this sensational car! Completely reconfigured and paneled in rich mahogany and white oak, Silver Star has every amenity that any discriminating traveler could want! This impressive car started is life in 1950 as a 10 roomette, 6 double bedroom sleeping car for the Union Pacific Railroad and was originally named Pacific Scene. After UP's discontinuation of passenger service the car was sold to Amtrak who rebuilt the car in their "Heritage Fleet" program. Amtrak retired the car and sold it to its current owner in 2002 and the new owner didn't waste any time in planning the ultimate private car! The result is a very versatile business car floor plan that is ideal for private or corporate use.
As you board the car from the vestibule end you enter a small service/storage area with a public restroom, large storage room and two of the original roomettes for crew or guests. From the service area you enter a very impressive and elegant dining room paneled in deep rich mahogany with a custom-built buffet that is equipped with a pass through window from the kitchen. Unlike other business cars, Silver Stars dining room can be set up for a large group of 8-10 or for four two top tables which offer a more intimate setting. In addition, this room is also equipped with an ice maker and drink cooler.
Just past the dining room is a gourmet chef's dream, a full stainless custom kitchen! A lot of thought and planning went into the kitchens design and every inch of space was utilized very efficiently. The kitchen is equipped with custom stainless cabinets, a Jen Aire cook top and convection oven, TRUE freezer & refrigerator, Jen Aire microwave, Hatco Glo-Ray food warmer. A Kenmore trash compactor is located in the storage room..
As you pass by the door to the kitchen you enter into the main hallway of the car and the next room is a large shower and changing room. Easily one of the largest showers on a private car and it's a breeze to keep clean.
As you proceed down the hall you enter the main sleeping accommodations on Silver Star and they come in the form of 4 of the original double bedrooms. Each room sleeps two and each set of rooms can open en-suite to form a larger room that will sleep up to 4 people in lower and upper berths. Each room is also equipped with its own enclosed toilet and wash basin and electrical outlets.
With all the upgrades Silver Star has received undeniably the most impressive is the new solarium observation lounge! Custom made windows on each side of the lounge offer impressive views of the passing scenery. If you think the view out the side is impressive wait until you see out the rear of the car, the entire end wall has new end windows and a custom observation door. If you get tired of looking out all the windows you can relax in this cozy paneled area and watch a move on the built in TV. Near the ceiling of the lounge are several built in cabinets which house the TV and stereo equipment and also offer ample storage.

Silver Star is truly one of the best thought out private car floor plans and is fully Amtrak certified and ready for service. Some of the mechanical details of this beautiful car include: 


Dimensions Length 85'-0"
  Width 10'-6"
  Height 13'-6"
  Amtrak Clearance



Capacities Water 400 gallons 
  Diesel fuel 358 gallons 
  Sanitary 330 gallons (165 gallons per tank. Tanks have a 4" connection and can be pumped from either side) 
  Diesel generator 65KW


Exterior Fluting Original
  Ends Rebuilt with polished stainless steel
  Marker Lights New LED marker lights installed where diaphragm spring used to be
    Trans-Lite FM7756-2 (50 - 85 VDC)
  Track Lights Two high and two low on Solarium end. Locomotive ditch lights each operating at 60VAC
  Side Sills Repaired according to Amtrak-approved specifications
  Side Sill Covers Custom built 18 gauge polished stainless steel
  Fuel tanks 2 custom built tanks each covered with Rhino Lining. Each holds approximately 178 gallons.
  Fuel Fill Both sides of the car. Locking gas cap is NAPA 703-1685
  Sanitary Holding Tanks

2 custom built tanks each covered with Rhino Lining. Each holds approximately 165 gallons.

     Equipped with Amtrak compliant Head End Power
Electrical Generator Stadco 65KW installed, tested , and running (M#:  5-65DE   S#: 33835-611
  Power Switch Northwest Rail Electric automatic power switch installed, tested
  Power Meter National Meter And Automation Model KW4480  Measures KWHR, demand, peak amps/phase
  Kitchen transformers (3) TEMCO FT2071 7.5KVA, primary 480 X 240, secondary 3 phase 208Y/120
  Main transformers 480VAC to 240VAC and 480VAC to 120VAC installed by Amtrak
  Decelostat Power Supply WABCO E-5 requires 50 to 80 volts DC. Custom built 67.5VDC power supply
Plumbing Copper All new, new faucet stems installed
  Toilets New Microphor, 1 lubricator and air regulator per toilet
    Annex: Microphor model LF-219 bone china  with Bemis model 46ECDG bone seat and lid
    Public: Microphor model LF-320
  Sanitary tanks 2, custom built stainless insulated holding tanks. Covered with Rhino Lining.
  Intermediate Tank 1, custom built stainless tank with trash pump. Covered with Rhino Lining.
  Hot Water Three State 19 gallon hot water tanks in custom enclosue under car
  Gast Recirculation Pump Located in hot water box.
  Speedaire Model 4GNL4 Condensate separator installed on air compressor output line
Climate Control A/C Amtrak rebuilt 1996, repaired and tested in 2006
    New condenser installed July 2012
  Heat 2 stage overhead electric heat is new
    1 stage floor heat is new
    Floor heat in Dining Room and Hallway controlled by thermostat in Dining Room
    Floor heat in the Solarium controlled by a thermostat in the Solarium
    Heat source: Vulcan strip heaters. 
  Controls New Johnson modular controls, thermostats
  Ducts New duct work in Solarium and  Dining Room to keep ceiling high
    All original ducts cleaned
  Blowers All blowers were rebuilt 
  Baffles Rubber baffles refurbished
  Weather Stripping Vestibule doors: McMaster Carr 
    Interior Doors:  McMaster Carr 
    Equipment Boxes: Soffseal #E1076
Compressed Air Air Compressor  Tied into water raising valves. May also be used for tools, cleaning, etc.
Dining Room Ice Maker Marvel 25iM
  Drink Cooler Marvel 30ARM
  Indirect Lighting 5050 LED soft white strip lighting by Birddog Distributing
  Overhead lights Soft white 5050LED strip lighting by Birddog Distributors
    Dimmable surface LED soft white from Lowes
  Under counter lights Soft white 5050LED strip lighting by Birddog Distributors
  Sconces Thomas SL-7441-68  (swirl alabaster style globes)
  Speakers (2) Monoprice MST-870-27   8"   80 watts
  Dimmers Lutron LED/CFL dimmers on all lighting circuits
Solarium Indirect Lighting Soft white 5050LED strip lighting by Birddog Distributors
    Blue 5050LED strip lighting by Birddog Distributors
  Sound system Yamaha RX-V661
  Television Samsung LN32A450CID
  TV Wall Mount Monoprice MLB-13/MLB-17
  AppleTV Use iPad as controlling device for entertainment system
  Speakers (2) Monoprice MST-870-27   8"   80 watts
  Dimmers Lutron LED/CFL dimmers on all lighting circuits
  Rooftop TV Antenna Wineguard 2000  "Roadstar" (over the air only)


Q-How much does it cost to ship a passenger car by truck?
The costs involved with shipping a passenger car will vary a bit depending on the type of car and the equipment the service provider has and of course the distance it must travel. Normally a passenger car will weigh between 60-85 ton, will be approx. 85' long, ten feet wide and approx. 13-15' high sitting on it's trucks (wheel assemblies). The safest method of shipping will be to lift the car off it's trucks and set one end of the car on the back of a semi truck and the other end of the car on a set of road dollies. So basically the car would be pulled down the highway like a trailer. The trucking company will need to make a second trip to pick up the trucks and deliver them to the site before the truck arrives with the car body. It is recommended that the car be set on a short piece of track since that is how the car structure was designed. You normally can find used railroad ties at landscaping companies and for rail we suggest contacting a local railroad museum, shortline railroad or scrap yard. On an average you can expect to spend a minimum of $10,000-$15,000+. The total price will depend on the trucking company and crane companies in the area. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and we are more than happy to discuss the project with any service provider so that fully understand the process. 

How much does it cost to ship a passenger car by rail? 
If a passenger car is capable of being shipped by rail, that does not mean that is the easiest or cheaper method of transport. If the final destination is off live rail then shipping by truck (see above paragraph) will be the best option. This way you know when it will show up and an in what condition it will be in. To ship a car by rail it will need to meet all mechanical and safety standards of the Federal Railroad Administration and the interchanging railroad. In most cases we can recommend a trusted independent inspector who can do an evaluation of the car for you and perform what work needs to be done. On average the car will need to have the air brakes recertified (approx. $5,000-$8,000). And it will need to have UMLER Tags and reporting marks installed on the side of the car (approx. $250.00 - $500.00). If the car is ready to be shipped in freight service (like a box car in a train) you will need to open an account with all railroads involved in the move and get a tariff for moving a passenger on it's own wheels (we can recommend several trusted contractors who can make all the shipping arrangements for you). The railroads charge between $5.00- $15.00 per mile, often the railroads don't go directly from point A to point B so you will need to pay the total amount of mileage the car will travel to get to the final destination. It is recommend that you have the car insured before shipment ( we can recommend several carriers who specialize insuring railroad equipment). 

How much does it cost to ship a car by railroad flat car? 
Occasionally a passenger car can't be shipped by rail due to it's physical attributes or shipping by truck is not the best option. You can ship a car loaded on a flat car, it will need to be secured to the flat car per American Association of Railroads tie down specifications. The tariff often can be cheaper than moving a car on it's own wheels, but you will still need to pay crane costs at origin and destination and you will need to have an active siding for the car to be delivered to. Shipping by flatcar will start at approximately $10,000 and will be based on origin and destination crane cost and the rail tariff and any car rental costs. 

How much does it cost to ship a car on Amtrak?
To ship a car on Amtrak the car will need to be Amtrak certified and have a current yearly PC-1 inspection. You can view the current Amtrak Tariffs and Terminal Charges with the link below.

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