Santa Fe Business Car # 37 "Chico" SOLD



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Santa Fe Business Car # 37 "Chico" SOLD

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Built in 1925 by the Pullman Company as a steel business car for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Originally built (from what we have been able to determine) with a dark mahogany interior, the car was rebuilt at some point at the Topeka shops and had a light oak wood interior installed. Regardless of the type of interior wood finish, #37 is a very original and complete car that has a warm charm that welcomes you aboard. 

As you board the car from the observation platform you enter a spacious observation lounge and you know right away you are on a car from the Santa Fe! Southwest fabrics and art work compliment original railroad furnishings. The observation lounge is equipped with a standard lower berth that doubles as a sofa, a desk and a satellite TV.

From the lounge you enter the hallway, along this corridor you will find a secretary's room with an upper and lower berth, a general toilet with shower, a compartment with a standard upper and lower berth and a master bedroom (car sleeps 8  & 2 crew). At the end of the hall you enter the formal dining room with original table and chairs, china buffet and a fold out full size lower berth. Passing through the dining room you enter the service hall on the opposite side of the car which leads you to the crew room (equipped w/shower), pantry and kitchen which has been updated with modern appliances that include a stove, microwave and all electric refrigeration. 

As with most railroad business cars the older the car gets the lower ranking of the official assigned to the car. When built #37 it was used by the top officials on the Santa Fe. In 1928 the car was assigned to General Manager "Eastern Lines". In February 1954 the car was reassigned to a Mr. J.N. Landreth and again in 1960 to Mr. L.M. Olson, General Manager of Topeka. #37's career was winding down when assigned again in 1966 to the Assistant General Manager "Gulf Lines" and she was finally retired in 1970 and sold into private ownership. Luckily the scrap yard was not in #37's future, the car was renamed "Imperial" and spent many years operating as a private car on various excursions and Amtrak. Sold to the current owner in 2002, # 37 was rebuilt to current Amtrak standards and renamed "Chico" in honor of the beloved Indian boy mascot of the Santa Fe Railway. The car is certified currently but has not operated for a few years so it will need a COT&S, Amtrak PC-1 & PC2A Inspection and the required Amtrak wheel and axle ultrasound. 

Some of the mechanical details include: Excellent body and roof, like new APEE wheel sets (car only ran a few times since it was rebuilt), comp brake shoes,  26-C brake valves, bolted pedestal trucks, truck mounted cylinders, full Head End Power, 27 pin communication lines, H couplers, Stadco Generator (low hours), electric base board & OH heat, updated air conditioning system, holding tanks, marker lights, rubber diaphragms on "A" end.

#37 is a very serviceable car, would be ideal for Amtrak or shortline service. This is a very clean car and must be seen to be fully appreciated.   

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