General Electric 45 Ton Switcher SOLD

Full Specifications

General Electric 45 Ton Switcher SOLD


REBUILT and READY to go to WORK!

 Built in 1958 by GE as a 45 Ton switcher, completely reconditioned in 2012 by Seller. This unit is in full operating condition and ready for service! Some of the mechanical details include: 2- 260 HP 2008-8.3 liter Cummins engines each driving a separate main generator that powers one traction motor per truck.(the non-powered axle on each truck is propelled by chain drive from the powered axle), GE S/N 33442, engines manufacture date 2008 (310 HP ea and approx 1,000 hours per engine), reconditioned trucks and upgraded roller bearings, 2-aluminum radiators, B-B wheel arrangement, standard gauge, min curve 50’, weight 48 ton, turbo charged, traction motors in excellent condition, 100 gal fuel tank, max speed 20 mph, tractive effort 27,000, air train brakes, new power & reverse contactors, new safety steps on ends of unit, 1 year Sellers warranty from date of sale, new paint.


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