EMD SW1200 #2254 SOLD

Full Specifications

EMD SW1200 #2254 SOLD

Built in 1964 by EMD as a SW1200, unit is blue carded and in operation condition. Some of the mechanical details include: Alignment control draft gear and couplers, 567 CE 12 cylinder With 645 power assy, Bore & Stroke 8.5" X 10" , RPM (Maximum / Minimum) 800 / 275, Main Generator: GM - D8,  Horsepower: 1200, Gear Ratio: 62:15,  Speed: 65 mph, Trucks: 4-Wheel Configuration: B-B, Traction Motor Blowers: Mechanical Drive,  Weight: 245,000 lbs Traction Motors: GM - D77 (four), Tractive Effort (starting) 74,000 lbs @25% Tractive Effort (continuous): 36,000 lbs @ 11.0 mph, MU,  Auxiliary Generator: GM Alternator: Delco, Air Brake: 26 air system Model: 26SL, Compressor: Gardner-Denver Model: WXO

- -

Exterior Dimensions SW1200

Total Length 44'-08"

Wheel Diameter 40"

Truck Wheel Base 8'-00"

Height to Top Engine Hood 11'-11"

Height to Top Cab 14'-06"

Cab Width 10'-02"

Top of Walkway 7'-06"

Walkway Width 4'-07.5"

Engine Hood Width 10'-00"

Center Bolster 22'-00"

Center Front Truck to Front Pilot 2'-03"

Center Rear Truck to Rear Pilot 2'-03"

Distance between Truck Centers 30'-00"

Minimum Turning Radius 39 degrees

- -

Fuel Oil: 600 Lubricating Oil: 165

Engine Cooling Water: 230 Sand Capacity: 28 cu. ft.


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