Skykomish River SOLD


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Skykomish River SOLD


 Built in 1950 by the Pullman Company for the Great Northern Railroad as part of the mid century addition of the Empire Builder. Originally built as a 8 duplex roomette, 3 double bedroom, 1 compartment 4 section sleeping car. The Skykomish River proudly served on the Empire Builder until the merger with the Burlington Railroad. In the early 1960's the popularity of the open section was declining so Burlington Northern sent the car back to Pullman to be rebuilt. After emerging from the Pullman shops the car received 3 new double bedrooms in place of the sections and was renamed Stevens Pass. After BN got out of the passenger business the car was retained for executive service and was rebuilt several times by both BN & BNSF. During the BNSF rebuild they painted the entire car with silver Imron, installed new stainless fluting, rebuilt the entire vestibule end of the car with new stainless steps, end sheets, custom stainless vestibule doors and stainless vestibule floor.

 In 2003 the car became surplus to BNSF and was sold to Ozark Mountain Rail Car who returned the original name to the car, Amtrak certified it and operated it in charter service. Several years later OMR sold the car and it has been stored since. Currently the floor plan consist of 6 duplex roomettes, 1 small food service (area with freezer, sink, refrigerator, microwave), 1 small shower & dressing room, 1 large general toilet with shower, 1 compartment, 5 double bedrooms and a large storage closet at the end of the car.  Some of Skykomish Rivers mechanical features include: Amtrak certification (will need PC-1 inspection), HEP, 26-C brake valves, H couplers, MR, rubber diaphragms, APEE bearings, Decelostats, T frame disc brakes, 40kw Onan generator (very little hours and alternator has been rewound), emergency lights, marker lights, full freeze protection, microphor toilets (one tank needs replaced), 10 ton air conditioning units (keeps car 75 degrees in 110 degree heat), 12 kw hot water over head heat, electric base board heat, quick recovery  large capacity hot water tank, under car storage locker, a lot of storage inside car, fully stocked with linens and towels.


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