Stainless Bi Level Commuter Cars SOLD


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Stainless Bi Level Commuter Cars SOLD

These cars were the first bi-level gallery cars built in North America. Manufactured by the Budd Company for The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in 1950 they ushered in a new level of comfort for commuters in the Chicago area. The cars were constructed of stainless steel except for the low alloy high tensile steel end sills. The cars were retired from active service during 2004/05 and sold to a private owner. They were maintained to strict standards right up to the day they were retired.. All cars are in serviceable condition and can be placed into service easily. Some of the mechanical details include: Seating for around 150 passenger per car, 8 cars have toilets, full HEP, electro-pneumatic brakes w/D-22 control valve, 2-8 ton air conditioning systems, H couplers, emergency lighting, electric heat (floor & OH), Commonwealth trucks, I beam EQ, ISSH, 33" wheels, 6x11 roller bearings, tread (comp) shoes, 27 pin locomotive MU connections, PA system, R-134a Freon, walk over seats, 4 emergency windows per car.
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