EMD SD-39 Locomotive #4028 SOLD

South Dakota

Full Specifications

EMD SD-39 Locomotive #4028 SOLD


This locomotive is blue carded and is a daily runner. The locomotive is equipped with a Qtron QES 1000

excitation system, event recorder, and cab alert system. The low voltage wiring was rewired in 2000.

In 2007 the trucks were rebuilt with new wheels applied. The paint is in good condition and the cab is in

good condition with rubber diamond tread flooring.

Make: EMD

Model: SD39-3

Built: 1970

Frame: 7219-8

Serial: 35822

Main Gen: D32E1

Aux Gen: 10 kw

Engine: 12-645E3

HP: 2300

Air Brake: 26L

Switch Gear: Magnetic

Trucks: Flexi coil/single brake shoe

Journal Boxes: Hyatt 6 ½ X 12

Dynamic Brake: yes/ extended range

MU Capable: Yes

Air Compressor: WBO 6 cylinder

Wheels: 2 3/16” or better

Couplers 390 self-alignment/E knuckle

Traction Motors: D77-B


Fuel Tank: 4000 gallon

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