RE-POWERED Baldwin/EMD Switcher SOLD

Full Specifications

RE-POWERED Baldwin/EMD Switcher SOLD

Built in 1947 by Baldwin Locomotive as a DS4-4-1000 switcher for US Steel at their Geneva plant. Rebuilt, re-wired and re-powered in 1979 by Morris Kundsen at their Boise, ID facility. This unit is basically an EMD SW1200 in a Baldwin body. Some of the mechanical details include: NOTE: This unit is in operating condition but needs a horn, bell & batteries.  Good body, alignment control couplers (recently moved on UP w/o waivers), rotating end cap bearings, EMD 12-567 BC block, EMD D-15 B main generator, Garden Denver air compressor, #6 air brake system,  GE 752 traction motors, Vectran remote control system (missing transmitter), AAR control stand, cast shoes.

 UPDATED INFORMATION - Unit was just inspected (11/1/13) by the Union Pacific and is ok for interchange but will need an air test. Also please see recent oil analysis report in the listing file. The Seller will also INCLUDE the following items in the sale of the unit:

-(1) AAR style switcher truck -

-(1) brake stand core


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