Swedish 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive #909 SOLD

Full Specifications

Swedish 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive #909 SOLD


This locomotive is only sold as part of a operating steam train package, for more information on the complete package please follow the link below:


Locomotive #909 was built in 1907 for the Swedish National Railways and was used in regular service in until 1945 and stored serviceable until 1964 when it was returned to service for excursions service in Sweden. With the threat of a the cold war, the government of Sweden decided to keep their steam locomotives in storage in case invaders destroyed Sweden’s capacity to make electricity. These steam locomotives were hidden in shelters to provide transportation for soldiers and equipment.

 When the cold war ended in 1990, the Swedish government felt that keeping all these steam locomotives were useless. The government then decided to sell off the 200 steam engines in storage. At the same time. The locomotive sailed from Sweden to Canada on the cargo ship Federal Man. During the Atlantic crossover, the crew braved four storms before it finally arrived in Canada in June of 1992. 

Some of the mechanical details include: In full operating condition, standard gauge, European couplers and air brake system, 2-8-0 wheel arrangement, weighs 93 tons, can pull upward to 700 tons, oil fired, 1000 HP, ditch lights, radio. 


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