California Zephyr Trainset


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California Zephyr Trainset

The Grand Lady of the West!

Have you ever heard of the famed train known as the "California Zephyr"? It wasn't just a train, it was a legend! The Grand Lady of the West was a joint effort between the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, Western Pacific Railroad and the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad to provide an elegant and reliable form of transportation between Chicago & San Francisco. We are proud to be able to offer for sale a four-car trainset that includes actual cars used on the California Zephyr. Please note that these cars are being sold as a complete package and not individually. The list price for the four-car trainset is 1,790,000.00, this price includes all linens, china, kitchen equipment and parts/supplies. For more information on each individual car, please use the links below:

Silver Peak
Silver Solarium
Silver Lariat
Silver Rapids

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